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Introducing A Premium True Beauty Ritual

Created To Transform Your Body & Awaken Your Soul...

Changed Everything

"I’m a new woman after my morning Method.” - Jessica

I Feel Alive

"My body feels awake and my skin has NEVER looked this good! Will never go without.” - Joy


“The MIG Addiction is real. Once you get your hands on these goods, you’ll never go back” - Megan

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Heavenly Essence

“Takes me to another place! I can feel my beauty resurrecting” - Mikel

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What's your body worth?

At MIG we believe that a fuller life always begins with healing, and that when we inspire our tribe to begin a True Beauty Ritual, we are not simply providing a product, but actively transforming what was adversity into hope.
Why choose Us?

Handcrafted Luxury

From the crisp essences of wildcrafted herbs to the beautiful textures of our farm fresh beeswax, our goods are poured with purity and mastery so you can revel in rejuvenated beauty.

Our Mission

Old Fashioned Innovation

Be it our six week cure time or our eight week infusion method, everything we do takes time. From day one, we have pushed boundaries, remained grassroots, formulated and finished, unlike any other.

What We Do?

Authentic Earth

Nature doesn’t need our help and it doesn’t merely provide us with ingredients, rather, it is our inspiration and source of infinite wonder.