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Why Mig

Seed to Soul

At MIG we are passionate about Living—no matter where your story takes you.

Life is exciting and messy, joyous and heartbreaking, surprising and mundane. But it’s these experiences that make us alive, so we lean into them. And where we find humor and joy we celebrate, because so often it’s through these shared “everyday moments” that we find connection and community.

At MIG, our passion for living drives us to the great outdoors. Nature doesn’t just provide us with ingredients, it’s our inspiration and a source of infinite wonder. Driven by our ceaseless curiosity for what the world has to offer, we are not content to stay in comfortable spaces but actively seek out nature’s adventures. We find joy in our restorative products, not because they are an end to themselves, but because they fuel a confidence to passionately pursue a full life.

About Jaime

You are now a part of a story that has been unfolding for nearly ten years. It began with our farmgirl founder, Jaime Cross, whose passion for purpose brought her to a place of discovery.

Two years after leaving her corporate banking career to be home with her newborn son, she had a longing to build a meaningful empire driven by purpose and worldwide impact. Earnestly seeking direction, Jaime asked God for a billion dollar idea and days later saw a business plan in a dream. She immediately embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, and after nine long years of trial and error… a lot of mistakes and tears... her company is leading a True Beauty movement that is changing the way people do Good Living. Jaime stands at the forefront of health & wellness as a force for good as she paves a way for men and women to activate their own dreams and embark on their journey towards Becoming.