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Ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?

You don’t need any experience, you just need to have a passion for personal growth and development, a desire to serve, a curiosity about entrepreneurship, and a love for sharing… we’ll teach you the rest. Contact a True Beauty Ambassador to Learn More!

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Our Independent Ambassadors are the heartbeat to our Homestead.

These are the fun filled Babes & Beaus responsible for shouting the benefits of Good Living through MIG from every corner of this great, green, earth. They share our passion and live authentically on purpose promoting our methods and helping others solve problems and fulfil dreams.

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At MIG we are passionate about Living—no matter where your story takes you.

Life is exciting and messy, joyous and heartbreaking, surprising and mundane. But it’s these experiences that make us alive, so we lean into them. And where we find humor and joy, we celebrate, because so often it’s through these shared “everyday moments” that we find connection and community.

At MIG, our passion for living drives us to the great outdoors. Nature doesn’t just provide us with ingredients, it’s our inspiration and a source of infinite wonder. Driven by our ceaseless curiosity for what the world has to offer, we are not content to stay in comfortable spaces but actively seek out nature’s adventures. We find joy in our restorative products, not because they are an end to themselves, but because they fuel a confidence to passionately pursue a full life.

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Men and women everywhere are craving a life full of purpose and impact. More than anything we long for meaningful connection and tribeship, mentorship, and leadership... to answer the call that speaks to the deepest parts of our soul and to live out the mission we were born to accomplish.

I live to see those hungry people rise in purpose, to answer their call with no excuse or limit to what’s possible. Ten years ago, in the midst of the greatest struggle of my life, I asked God to show me a billion dollar idea so I could change the world and leave a legacy for my family and this simple little skincare company is what He gave me. Now we are making a difference in the lives of men and women who long to create an impact.

You can be all that you see, and it’s time to put your stake in the ground and remember the voice that told you who you are really are, that you could conquer life and take the world by storm.

A wave of new opportunity and a fresh way of doing life and business is here.

It’s your time to rise and BECOME.

You are here for a reason, for such a time as this.

Forever In Your Corner,

Founded in 2010, MIG Living is a direct selling company leading a True Beauty movement that is changing the way people do Good Living.

Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, Jaime Cross stands at the forefront of health & wellness as a force for good driven by purpose and worldwide impact. Financially free, family-owned and operated, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado with a mission to restore an industry and empower entrepreneurs across the country through its distinctive approach, MIG Living is positioned to be a leader in Home, Health & Self.